MaxTrack Desktop Doppler

You can now have the area's most accurate weather radar displaying virtually live images on your computer desktop. Best of all, it's FREE! 

MaxTrack Desktop Doppler Radar allows you to track storms as they move through your neighborhood.  Set a point of interest and MaxTrack Desktop Doppler will calculate the arrival and departure times of the storm system.

Three levels of zoom capability allow you to keep an eye on  threatening weather headed toward your neighborhood.

MaxTrack Desktop Radar also has these features:  a screen saver configuration to allow you to constantly track weather, an image archive which puts storms in motion and a display for temperature forecasts.

LEX 18

Install Desktop MaxTrack Desktop Doppler Now.

Internet Explorer 6.0 Users
Select the link above. When you get a box asking if you would you like it to open or save to disk, choose "Open".

Internet Explorer 5.0 Users
Select the link above, and when you get a box asking would you like to do, select "Run this program".

MaxTrack Desktop Doppler requires a Microsoft Windows operating system with Microsoft Internet Explorer Installed.

Radar information will only update when the computer has a working connection to the internet.